CSC 466 Winter 2020

Table of contents

  1. Syllabus
  2. Schedule
  3. Technology
  4. Project


Step 1 (Form your group)

Step 2 (Pick either a Knowledge Discovery Project or Implementation Knowledge Discovery Project)

  • Due: Completed by end of lab on Tuesday, 2/18
  • Knowledge Discovery Projects Overview: Find 2+ datasets, formulate questions of interest, apply algorithms from and related to this course (can be implemented by yourself or KDD libraries), synthesize the results in the form of answers to your questions. This is good for folks who care more about the story that the data can tell us.
  • Knowledge Discovery Implementation Projects Overview: Implement 3+ algorithms to implement and demonstrate them on 2+ datasets. This is good for folks who care more about the details and story that each algorithm allows us to tell.

Step 3 (Formulate a project proposal)

  • Weight: 10% of your project grade
  • Due: By the start of lab on Tuesday, 2/25
  • This will be a presentation during lab to your fellow classmates.
  • Exact time for each presentation to be determined based on number of groups
  • Slides must be Google Slides and a link must be in your file of your repo.
  • If your presentation is not approved, then you will get a 0% until it is approved (more info on this in class).
  • Google Slide Template
  • Your team will have 5 minutes max to present

Step 4 (Progress every week)

  • Weight: 60% of your project grade
  • Each team member must prepare a detailed explanation of their activities each week (always due before lab on Tuesday unless other wise stated). This must be in the form a markdown file in the repo with your name associated with it.

Step 5 (Final presentation)

  • Weight: 15% of your project grade
  • Each team will make a final presentation that will be graded for quality and clarity
  • Instead of an in person gathering, each team will record and publish online a video with audio over slides (i.e., capture your screen). Groups can decide to have a single video in which everyone speaks or individual videos where the same slides are used but each team member produces their own audio. You must include a link to your video in the of your repo. I MUST be able to access the link without a password. Make sure it is obvious who produced the video (First and Last Name).

Step 6 (Final report)

  • Weight: 15% of your project grade
  • Each team will submit a final project report (ipynb format) (and associated code)
  • Graded based on technical quality, presentation, and readability.