The Anderson Data Science Research Lab specializes in applying data science, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to the fields of bioinformatics, genomics, and metabolomics. We develop algorithms and software to tackle some of the most challenging and interesting data intensive problems in the life sciences. Our research interests include data science, big data, pattern analysis in high-dimensionality data sets, evolutionary computation and optimization, machine learning, computational genomics, cloud computing, computational metabolomics, and eScience. We currently have multidisciplinary projects underway in metabolomics, human cognition, toxicology, marine biology, medical genomics, biomedical informatics, and marine genomics.


Our approach is summed up by two quotes:

If you don’t work on important problems, it’s not likely that you’ll do important work. — Richard Hamming

Geeks stay up all night disassembling the world so they can put it back together with new features. They tinker and fix things that aren’t broken. Geeks abandon the world around them because they’re busing soldering together a new one. They obsess and, in many cases, they suffer. — Matthew Inman